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Is External Coins Scam: Why Choose ExternalCoins (externalcoins.com) Broker Platform?

Leon Kramer

ByLeon Kramer

Jul 25, 2023
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External Coins Review

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The realm of online trading has become increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and the risk of fraud. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for loopholes in online trading platforms, as they hold sensitive user information that can be exploited for personal gain.

The rise in these threats has caused a growing concern among online traders, who want platforms to adopt updated security measures to keep their data and funds safe. This is where Externalcoins.com broker could prove to be the right option for traders. Read this External Coins review to learn about a broker that truly cares for trader’s security.

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Protecting Traders from Big Risks with Stop Loss

One of the standout features of ExternalCoins broker is its commitment to protecting users from unnecessary risks. The platform takes strict measures to ensure that traders have access to advanced-level account options before they can utilize high leverages.

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This is because high leverages can not only amplify profits, but also increase losses in equal measure. Therefore, External Coins broker encourages its users to exercise caution when using leverages, and restricts access to them until traders have demonstrated sufficient knowledge and experience.

In addition to its approach to leverages, this broker also offers a useful tool that allows traders to set indicators for stop-loss orders based on their personal appetite for risk. This feature provides traders with an additional layer of protection against unexpected market fluctuations that can cause their investments to suffer.

Segregated Accounts for Online Traders

Externalcoins.com trading platform is committed to safeguarding users’ funds. The platform achieves this by holding traders’ funds in trust, in a segregated account that is completely separate from the account that holds the platform’s earnings. By keeping users’ funds separate from its own earnings, the platform provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that users’ funds are kept safe in the unlikely event of the platform encountering financial difficulties.

Furthermore, ExternalCoins trading broker is dedicated to providing traders with an optimal trading experience that doesn’t eat into their profits. Unlike other brokers that charge high commissions on trades, this broker charges a minimal spread on each transaction. This spread is calculated based on various market factors and represents the difference between the buying and selling price. From personal experience, I found that the spreads charged by the broker were significantly lower than the commissions I had to pay elsewhere.

Verification Process to Keep Bad Actors Away

In order to provide a secure online trading environment for its users, External Coins trading broker is committed to complying with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. By adhering to these policies, the broker ensures that traders can interact with each other without having to worry about the threat of fraudulent activities or money laundering.

To comply with KYC requirements, this broker verifies the identity of every user before allowing them to begin trading. This verification process ensures that each user is who they claim to be, and helps prevent the creation of fake accounts using someone else’s personal information. This way, the online trading broker can be sure that its users are genuine and trustworthy, which helps to create a safer online trading environment.

Reliable Encryption Protocol

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Upon logging into my account on this online trading platform, I was immediately impressed by the presence of the SSL certificate. This certificate serves as evidence of the platform’s use of SSL encryption, which is a highly advanced method of protecting user data.

SSL encryption works by encoding data when it’s transmitted between servers, making it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it. The data can only be decoded using a specific encryption key, which ensures that only authorized parties can access it.

The SSL encryption protocol provides numerous benefits to users of this trading platform. For one, it ensures that sensitive user information remains confidential while passing through different systems.

This makes it virtually impossible for cybercriminals to intercept and exploit user data, protecting users from potential threats. This online trading broker also offers a variety of safe and trusted payment methods for secure deposits and withdrawals, including popular options such as VISA and Mastercard credit or debit cards.

Is External Coins Scam or Legit?

When analyzing this online trading broker, I checked it thoroughly for scams and other fraudulent acts. I conducted a week long check on this broker for this External Coins review and can confidently tell you that you can sign up without worrying about getting defrauded.

Final Thoughts

I will conclude this External Coins review by adding that this online trading broker takes good care of traders by providing them a high level of customer support. This broker’s customer support representatives are highly responsive and have plenty of experience to answer your question with patience. So, when signing up with this broker, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you can get instant help from the representatives whenever you want.

External Coins Review
Read our ExternalCoins review at Main Forex News to know everything about the externalcoins.com trading platform and why we recommend this broker to traders.
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