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How Does Autochartist Work and How to Use It?

Leon Kramer

ByLeon Kramer

Jul 30, 2023

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Forex trading (or FX trading) typically incorporates various forms of analysis. Technical analysis is widely recognized as a popular Forex market analysis method. It is advisable to employ a diverse range of tools to optimize the utilization of technical analysis. Autochartist is a highly sophisticated tool renowned for automatically detecting various charts and Fibonacci patterns.

Furthermore, the advanced technology incorporated in the system allows for the continuous monitoring of a vast array of Forex financial instruments, around the clock, in an automated manner. This facilitates the identification of trading prospects promptly upon their emergence. In a broader sense, this tool specializes in offering technical analysis services to various brokers, companies, and financial institutions.

The tool also offers a trial version for users to explore before purchasing, providing access to a complimentary Autochartist. By utilizing this tool, various trading opportunities can be filtered based on their assessed likelihood of achieving success. A minimum prospect range of 60-80% can be established to acquire signals with a historical track record aligning with the specified success probability percentage.

Additionally, one can leverage the valuable Autochartist PowerStats feature to uncover projected price ranges for selected currency pairs hourly. This feature offers FX traders valuable statistical insights regarding the instruments they trade. It additionally aids in the establishment of take-profit levels and stop-losses while providing a comprehensive evaluation of volatility and risk.

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In addition to its various features, this tool seamlessly integrates with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, allowing users to identify potential trade opportunities and take prompt action.

What Does the Autochartist Include?

As observed, this practical tool has the potential to be an exceptional addition to one’s technical analysis endeavors. Before delving into an in-depth analysis of this tool’s various components and characteristics, it is essential to touch upon its advantages.

  • Scanning during the trading day: this tool efficiently scans the markets and presents potential trade possibilities promptly as they arise.
  • Utilising Forecast Zones: they visually represent the specific trend direction that arises, enabling one to make corresponding position adjustments.
  • One can now optimize time efficiency by eliminating the need to acquire proficiency in recognizing intricate chart patterns and pivotal levels. The Forex Autochartist efficiently analyses extensive market data, identifying emerging patterns and critical levels in an automated manner
  • FX trading alerts: This tool provides visual and audio signals for trade opportunities, encompassing key levels, chart patterns, and Fibonacci patterns. All potential trading prospects are readily displayed on the screen, containing strategies such as approaches, breakouts, and emerging trends.
  • Highly customizable searches: search criteria can be identified to filter out unwanted data, extracting only the most relevant information for individual Forex trading styles.
  • Launch Autochartist MT4: The tool’s web indicator can be effortlessly dragged and dropped onto your trading platform, automatically initiating the application in a new window without additional sign-in procedures.

Autochartist PowerStats

Regarding the PowerStats toolkit, it offers Forex traders insights into the movements of pertinent FX instruments. This can prove beneficial in formulating novel trading plans or simply refining and re-evaluating pre-existing strategies.

Let us delve into the offerings of PowerStats, examining its features and functionalities.

  • The typical fluctuation of pips within specific time intervals.
  • The potential for either positive or negative momentum (as per historical data)
  • The potential range of price fluctuations (i.e., statistical highs and lows) across various timeframes.
  • Projected price fluctuations throughout the week and even on an hourly basis.

As an integral tool component, PowerStats, along with Fibonacci and chart patterns, aids traders in establishing stop-loss and take-profit levels. Additionally, it can assist traders in identifying potential risks and selecting suitable trading instruments.

FX Autochartist Chart Patterns

The mentioned technical tool encompasses various financial markets such as Forex, futures, CFDs, equities, and spread betting. It can automatically identify and analyze technical chart patterns, including wedges, bottoms, triangles, and tops. Users are duly notified through visual and audio alerts upon completing tasks and identifying emerging patterns. The pre-dawn charts are readily understood, as they transparently present support and resistance levels.

Chart patterns, as a versatile tool, offer novice traders the chance to incorporate technical analysis into their trading strategies while also providing experienced forex traders with reliable scanning capabilities. The time-saving benefits and identification of potentially profitable trade opportunities are valuable aspects traders may overlook.

The Reports of the Market

Regarding market reports in Forex Autochartist, the generation process is automated by utilizing reliable pattern recognition engines. When comparing them to technical analysis reports created by human analysts, they are provided at a significantly reduced expense.

FX brokers are enabled to provide timely reports, offering the additional option of white-labeling. These reports can be accessed through the web or email, catering to various languages. The reports cover multiple markets and instruments, with the content tailored to suit a specific audience.

Furthermore, there is more to consider. Money managers profit from market reports, as they inform their clients about their unwavering attention towards the intraday occurrences in the financial markets.

Effects of the Event

In addition to the mentioned features, Autochartist MT4 has established a collaboration with ‘Econoday’ to introduce clients to a novel and inventive tool called the ‘Event Impact Analysis.’ The provided tool offers a visually comprehensible report showcasing the influence exerted by shifting events on foreign exchange markets.

Furthermore, this tool provides Forex traders with a concise visual representation of economic events’ influence on specific currency pairs. The device is now accessible through the Econoday website. One potential advantage of utilizing country and currency pair filters is the enhanced ability for FX traders to make informed decisions regarding economic events, thereby bolstering their trading confidence.


The mentioned tool is a topic of frequent online discussions. The product exhibits superior quality and encompasses a plethora of practical features. An opportunity presents itself to utilize Autochartist, which offers a complimentary fortnight trial period upon registration on the tool’s official website. Following the favorable period, this tool entails a predetermined cost contingent upon the duration of the subscription.

The potential for enhanced performance is particularly evident in daily technical analysis. The technical analysis tool provided is highly suitable for individuals new to the field, as it does not require prior knowledge of diverse chart patterns to utilize the tool effectively. Traders are advised to patiently await trading alerts as they are delivered through the dashboard.

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